Point labels can help arrange your blog content, however in the event that you abuse them, they can really be unsafe. In the event that you have excessively numerous comparative labels, you may get punished via web indexes for having copy content.

Consider it along these lines: when you make a subject tag, you additionally make another site page where the substance from those theme labels will show up. In the event that you utilize excessively numerous comparative labels for a similar substance, it at that point seems to web crawlers as though you’re demonstrating the substance different circumstances all through your site. For instance, subject labels like “blogging,” “blog,” and “blog entries” are excessively comparable, making it impossible to each other to be utilized on a similar post.

In case you’re concerned that your present blog entries have an excessive number of comparative labels, take some time sooner rather than later to clear them up. Pick around 15– 25 subject labels that you believe are essential to your blog and that aren’t excessively comparative, making it impossible to each other, and after that lone label your posts with those watchwords. That way, you won’t need to stress over copy content.